What to do in case of over-indebtedness file inadmissible

Receipt of the notification

The answer has been sent to you by registered mail and details the reasons which motivated its members to judge that your request was inadmissible.

Be aware that the mere fact of facing financial difficulties is not enough to be in a situation of overindebtedness. This situation must become inextricable and the household must have exhausted all the solutions available to it.

  • See our file to find out how the over-indebtedness commission analyzes my request.

Organize the appeal


From the day you receive the mail, you have 15 days to challenge the decision . Do not give in to the first reflex of responding to the commission by simply saying that the judgment of the members is unfair, even if you think so.

Your answer must either relate to new facts that you are able to prove, or provide additional information .

So you have to take advantage of the fifteen days you have to organize your answer. Gather additional evidence . If some documents were not attached to your file when you entered the commission, try to get copies from the agencies involved.

Do not hesitate to ask the assistance of a social worker to help you write your answer. You can contact the social service of the town hall of your home to find out if you can benefit from free help.

Remember to send your complaint by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. It is the judge of the District Court who will make the decision . He may ask the commission to review his position or decide on the end of the procedure . If this is the case, you will no longer have any recourse.

The procedure of over-indebtedness: read the file

No response from the commission

Even if the situation is not very frequent, know that in case of absence of answer from the commission and this, within 3 months which follow the reception of your file of over-indebtedness, all the interest rates outstanding credits (real estate loans and consumer loans) will be reduced to the legal interest rate (1) .

(1): monthly rate as of May 2013: 0.04%

Find a credit organization to restructure debts

restructure debts

If the commission has just ruled your case inadmissible and your current situation is due to excessive debt, you can try to restructure your debts . For this, you can contact a broker who will propose you to consolidate your loans into one and extend the duration.

Know that this solution is particularly expensive. Remember to ask the amount of fees that takes your intermediary and do not hesitate to play the competition.

Beware : several banks specializing in credit restructuring offer variable rate loans. These solutions are dangerous in the long run. It is advisable to go on a fixed rate loan to keep control of its budget.