Loan without paycheck: how to get it

Agos Ducato has improved its offer over the years. Rich selection of promotions for personal loans and loans; the granting of the amount takes place after a preliminary investigation phase even if the requests have been forwarded online.

The Agos Ducato payday loan can be requested by those who do not have a demonstrable income and therefore a paycheck. This type of financing is aimed at housewives, without income, self-employed and unemployed.

We must not think that Agos grants loans without paychecks and without any kind of guarantee. However, it is possible to agree on the type of guarantee for the purpose of providing the requested loan.

When applying for personal loans , one of the requirements that is taken into account is the possession of a guarantee. For example, in the assignment of the fifth, it is the salary of an employee or the pension of an elderly person to act as a guarantee. The repayment installment is deducted directly from the paycheck or pension.

For finalized loans , ie aimed at buying a car, a motorcycle or any good, the guarantee will be offered by the object itself.

Ducato loan without paychecks: what guarantees do I need?

Agos Ducato provides loans without paychecks . In these cases neither the salary nor the purchased goods act as collateral. The recipients of this form of funding may be self-employed persons in need of personal loans. The applicant will have to prove that he has an income as well if he does not have an employee job. Agos Ducato will not require the last paychecks and the Cud of last year, but the last two Unico models that have been presented. This procedure is also common in other banks or financial companies.

Therefore, when you are not in possession of a paycheck, you must have different guarantees to obtain a loan. Ownership of a property can also act as a guarantee. In fact, it is possible to decide to place a mortgage on a house. We can also contact a guarantor who will sign the contract as co-obliged.

Another possibility to obtain the financing requested by Agos Ducato is to stipulate a life insurance policy. The bank, in fact, will have a lower risk perception and will be able to provide the requested loan to the person without a paycheck. The amount is returned by monthly installments.

Ducato Loan without paycheck: the features

 Ducato Loan without paycheck: the features

Online loans without paychecks have the same characteristics as personal loans. This means that an installment and a constant duration are required for the duration established by the contract. The rate will be fixed or variable depending on the choice made. With Agos Ducato, subsidies are provided for young people and the unemployed: funding is often granted just to ensure that the children can continue their studies. We speak in similar cases of loans of honor.

Unemployed, how to apply for a Ducato loan

 Unemployed, how to apply for a Ducato loan

Requesting and obtaining a Ducato loan without a paycheck is a simple operation. The first step is to visit the company’s website and inquire about the type of financial product. The applicant can also perform an online calculation of the installment. When the type of financing most suited to our needs has been chosen, we can make the request and fill out the form with personal data.

From the sending of the loan request, a few days will pass to receive a response from the company. If the loan has been agreed, the amount will be credited to the customer’s current account. There are those who prefer to go to the branch to interface with the staff. On the website it will be possible to fix an appointment , marking the office, the date and the time you have chosen.

Ducato loan for housewives without a paycheck

Even housewives can apply for funding even if they do not have a paycheck. Getting a similar loan today is not impossible as in the past. There are different solutions proposed for those who do not possess the classic requirements to obtain financing. Loans without paychecks allow you to obtain amounts of up to 5 thousand euros. Then there is the option of revolving card very popular especially for housewives.

Loans without paychecks are not without guarantee. Agos Ducato, as well as other financial companies, must be certain that they can obtain again the amount that has been paid out. The customer must present alternative guarantees which will then be assessed and accepted. Let’s take as an example that of a housewife who does not have a work contract as an employee or a paycheck. The woman must prove to have a source of income (financial income or the retirement allowance of the former husband) or will have to present a guarantor.

The guarantor is the person who repays the loan if the principal debtor is unable to pay the installments on a monthly basis. Usually it is a close relative of the housewife (spouse or parent). However, family ties are not obligatory: for Agos Ducato, as for other banks, the important aspect is that it is a person to trust. It will be in fact the guarantor to repay the debt in case of insolvency. The figure indicated by the credit institutions is that of a person with a permanent employment contract and with an income to cope with the payment of the installments of the debt.

The guarantor must not be more than 75 years old at the end of the repayment plan. It is clear that his credit history must be “immaculate”. With a guarantor, who has these characteristics, a housewife can easily present herself at an Agos Ducato branch to apply for a loan.

Ducato loan without paycheck: the simulation

Having a guarantor allows you to obtain funding without too many limits even if the applicant is without an envelope. To make a simulation and know the number of repayment installments, just connect to the official website of Agos Ducato.

You enter the amount you wish to request and the number of installments so as to know the monthly commitment as well as the condition of the loan. We pretend to request a loan of 10,000 euros : the sum will be repaid in 84 months with installments of 143.70 euros: the Tan is 4.91% and the Taeg at 6.17%. It is possible to request amounts from a minimum of 500 euros up to a maximum of 30,000 euros with a repayment plan of a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 120 months. With the online request, the time is shortened: the loan is paid within 48 hours from the approval of the request consultants.