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Direct loans . This is how we call loans at because it is a simple way to define our commitment to the customer: to always be available to solve the liquidity needs that may arise. In these lines we explain what makes this commitment possible day and night, as well as some of the advantages of trusting in our services.

Direct loan: what makes them possible

Among the many disadvantages of applying for a loan through traditional financial institutions, one of them is the limitation of hours: they can only be processed during office hours, which often postpones the resolution on the concession for a day or several. or not of loan.

But at Bank we have sought the best possible allies: new technologies and the Internet. Thanks to them, we are able to process, accept and grant a loan at any time of the day , regardless of where you are. If you are at home, your personal computer or your tablet may be the most comfortable tools. But if you are on the street or at work, your smartphone also gives you the possibility to enter our website and request your loan.

Of course, our availability is permanent not only 24 hours a day, but also 7 days a week . Whether it is a working day or a holiday, whether you are working or vacation, is always online to meet your requests for money.

Direct credit

Figures that speak for themselves

Our continuous work rhythm, without rest, has made it possible for our business volume to reach the highest levels of the market. In fact, there are figures that speak for themselves, and that is our best letter of introduction. On the one hand, the number of direct loans granted since our birth has already surpassed 450,000.

In addition, the volume of money lent to all of our customers has also left behind the figure of 308,000,000 $. And once both data are crossed, the result of the average amount borrowed in each operation is more than $ 4,500, close to the maximum possible in our platform, which is $ 5,000.

The conclusion of all this is evident: trust . On the one hand, because customers rely on asking for quantities close to the maximum established. And on the other hand, because users know of Bank’s solvency when granting quick personal loans . And not all figures speak of quantity, but also of quality: 99.99% of the requests are accepted and, what is even more important for us, 98.99% of the clients demonstrate loyalty.

Other advantages of Bank

Beyond trust, Bank offers many other advantages on a practical level. This is a summary of the main ones:

  • We process loans with true negative , that is, a person who is part of this and other lists of defaulters has the same chance of receiving one of our loans. That is, almost a 100% probability.  
  • We grant loans without a salary , because we believe that having regular income is enough to return a moderate amount like that of our online loans. In this sense, any pension, unemployment benefit or scholarship could be enough to enjoy a loan from Bank.
  • Very quickly: in most cases, you will receive your money in your account before 15 minutes have passed .
  • Simplicity in the request: nothing of small print or unintelligible forms. Through the Internet and in two simple steps you will complete our form, where the basic personal information is required, especially the name, the DNI, the account number where to receive the loan and your contact information.
  • A 100% secure site: in fact, it is verified by the most reliable agencies in the sector, such as Goddady and Comodo, which certify that there is no virus or malware on our website. The transaction is free of danger.
  • Maximum confidentiality: this will treat the personal data you provide through the form, always in accordance with the Data Protection Act in force.


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