Aspects To Take Into Account Before Acquiring Personal Loans

We welcome you to the Pinocchio blog, a space created for you, where you can find information about the services we offer you and relevant data about the cash loans. In this post we will discuss the aspects that must be taken into account before acquiring personal loans .

Although Mexico’s economy is beginning to improve after the crisis of a few years ago, there are still different situations in which we require a lot of extra capital to carry out certain plans or cover unforeseen events. For example, for a family vacation, for school supplies in the return to school, in case of an accident to cover medical or funeral expenses, and even to invest in starting your business or expanding the one you already have.

There are many options to obtain this capital, such as bank loans, pawnshops, personal loan companies, such as Pinocchio, or, if necessary, you can sell some of your assets. Any of these options have their pros and cons. In the case of bank loans, each day they are more difficult to obtain, they ask for too many requirements, their interest rates are very high, if you do not have a positive credit history it will be impossible to acquire it and it can be a very long process.

The pawnshops do not ask for credit history and their procedures are fast and require little paperwork, but you have to leave the item that you pawned (TV, car, jewelry, etc.) to pay the loan, without the guarantee that they will be in a good guard. Selling your belongings is not a good option, you are not only giving up your assets that cost you effort and work to obtain, you also get rid of memories and feelings, and in 100% of cases you do not get the true value of the objects.

The best option is to acquire a personal loan, with a certified company with experience in the market, such as Pinocchio, who with more than 10 years of experience are experts in the sector of loans and personal loans . The requirements that these companies request varies from one to another, but in general they are few, the authorization of the loans is usually in a matter of hours, you do not have to leave items under warranty and usually do not require a perfect credit history.

Before acquiring a personal loan there are some aspects that you must take into account. First you must ask yourself, what do I need and what will I use the personal loan? In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances and that do not have a savings fund or some type of insurance that covers them, it is necessary to acquire a loan immediately. For the other cases, such as family vacations, to invest in a business, improve your house, for school supplies, etc .; You must identify for what, specifically, you will use the money, this will allow you to manage it properly, because if you receive a loan greater than what you planned, you can end up spending the extra money on something unnecessary, remember that it is a loan and you have to pay it in A near future. So the knowledge in which you will use it will give you a clear idea of ​​the amount you need to request and what to do with the remaining money.

Analyze the available options, as we mentioned at the beginning there are different options to acquire a loan or credit. Before deciding where to go you should know the different companies to make sure they have the proper permits and accreditations issued by PROFECO (which is the entity that regulates them). For this you must go personally to their offices or consult through their website. Compare what is the best option for your needs and if you have the requirements they request to be a candidate for a loan.
Includes the service to contract in detail, analyze the terms and conditions, the amount of interest and the period in which you have to pay, if you need a guarantee or leave a pledge in guarantee, if you need to have a good credit history before the credit bureau or they do not request it, and the type of penalties that exist for liquidate in advance. Try to understand perfectly the responsibility that will be obtaining the loan with that company.

Finally, know your finances, how much income you have before applying for the loan and, if you invest it, how much income you will have if you get it; also have a detailed list of all your expenses to make a balance of your finances, in this way you will know if you have to reduce expenses in certain aspects of your life (as in entertainment) or accounts with the necessary solvency, so you can request a plan of adequate payments to be able to cover the loan without setbacks.

Similarly, it is advisable, if possible, to save a certain amount of your income while making the payment of your personal loans , so that in case of any eventuality you can continue covering your payments.
To choose the right company for your personal loan you have to take into account each of those aspects, since there are many that are dedicated to defrauding people or change without notice your clauses involving you in a debt that becomes impossible to pay. Therefore, the best option is in Pinocchio, where we care about you and offer you loans on your car, an option with the best benefits, lending up to 60% of its value, without you holding the car.

We handle a low interest rate and different personal loan plans that will adapt to your needs. No long lists of requirements, no need for a guarantee and without checking the credit bureau. In less than 24 hours your loan will be released. And if you can not visit our offices, make your appointment on our website or by phone and we will send one of our executives to your home to start the process.

Contact us for more information, in Pinocchio you will find the solution to those unforeseen events, you can finally make those family vacations or you will start your business, with the help of a serious, professional company that offers its clients the security that They need at the time of acquiring a loan on your car.